Spring Cleaning

We’re making progress – we had a break over half term, and I’ve since been away on a conference, (WEAC for those in the know) but today I had time, it was dry and there was stuff I could get on with by myself while DH had a nap :rolleyes:  He recently stripped out and washed down the Cube, but it’s still on the wrong side of the garden, so I worked on the Hen Run and Garden in order to eventually move it back into place.

We are going to try laying split bamboo in the run, to act as a barrier to keep the woodchip out of the soil. After some vigorous raking, the ground is now as level as it’s ever going to be, and I laid the first strip of bamboo, but I’ll need DH to help me manoeuvre the larger strips into place.  So then I started work on the Hen Garden. All the woodchip from Run and Garden is now in a heap against the back wall – if I had time and patience to sieve it, there is still some useful stuff in there. But it’s definitely a dry weather job and I don’t know how long this spell of good weather is going to last. It’s been nearly two weeks since any serious rain, and the woodchip is dry and therefore light, so it wasn’t an arduous job to move it all, and I had enough time and daylight left to then rake the ground before sowing poultry grass (rather old seed, so I don’t know how well it will germinate). We have plenty of pigeons around, so I also put up some stakes with bright orange plastic bags (you can work out which supermarket I frequent … ), and string between with old CDs dangling at various points. It may scare them off. It won’t stop the cats using it as a bathroom, but the noise of the bags rustling in the breeze might, I suppose, bother them? I hope so …

We’re on to Plan C as regards restocking – a friend lost her sister last year, who kept hens, but her husband would like to rehome them, so we’ve offered to have them. I’m not sure of the timescale, or what other equipment he may have to pass on with them, so nothing is yet settled. They won’t be young birds, but they won’t cost us anything and we’ll be sticking to our first principle of looking after rescue animals whenever possible. Not the usual route (I hadn’t thought to ask if any of the animal shelters have hens that need a home …) but I’d feel good about having them in the circumstances.

But there’s still plenty to do before we’ll be ready for them … not least to source some new woodchip … or I’ll just have to get sieving!

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