IMG_6500This is the continuing story of our adventures keeping hens in our urban back garden.

In March 2013 we took on a family of seven Pekin bantam hens and three ex-battery hens, an established flock that needed a new home. In April 2013 we added four new ex-batts to the brood.

Bantams are a new experience for us, although we have had ex-batts before. But keeping hens is always an adventure … I hope you enjoy following our story  :)

Hens come and go, but our current hens are ex-batts MandyBetsy, Babs and Bertha, collectively known as The Vicarage Girls. The Pekins were Amy, Abigail, Alice, Annie, Agnes, Alberta and Amelia (aka The Moppets) – we have since lost two, but I never could tell which was which …

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  1. So glad you’ve got new girls, I have three grumpy broody girls at the moment. The weather doesn’t help either. One bantam was broody all of last summer, I gave up in the end. Here’s hoping for more eggs this year.

  2. I used to keep hens in my previous home, but since moving we don’t have enough room for them. I’m living vicariously through you! I hope they bring you joy


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    Our original hen keeping adventure came to an end in January 2013, when a fox took our entire brood of hens. But don’t let that put you off … you can find the story at The Hen House Archive where there are still lots of stories, photos, and information about keeping hens I hope you'll find useful.

    July 2018 … Four new girls arrive, two LS bantams and two Mille Fleur Pekins.

    June 2018 … We had an extended heatwave, with daily temperatures in the 30s.

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