Which hen is which?

I think I have begun to distinguish between Milly, Molly and Mandy … one is easily identified at the moment, as she has no tail feathers … let’s call her Milly …


I think she’ll still stand out even when her tail grows back in again, as she has the most irregular comb. She is also the most vicious towards the Pekins  :( (which probably means she is not top of the ex-batt pecking order).

The other two both have fairly regular combs … we’ll call this second hen Molly …


So this is Mandy …


At the moment you can tell them apart because Mandy has a white patch above her tail where she has some feathers missing. She is a rather different shape, too, but that’s not the easiest way to identify a hen on the move! The third point of her comb is slightly taller than the others … but I’m not sure that’s any easier to see!


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