Sleeping arrangements

Hurrah! Last evening, all the hens made it up the ladder while it was still fairly light, so no bumbling about in the dark lifting them up from the lower nest box.

And because it was light, I had my camera with me …


You can actually distinguish all seven of the Moppets, and top hen Molly keeping an eye on them (in the dark?). Apparently the night before she was facing the other way … :lol:

Now they just have to learn to come down again in the morning!

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  1. That is so cute. I have followed your blog since you began and tried to comment many times but don’t why I have never been able to so will see if this works as your blog is in a new setting now. Love the moppets!

    • Carol,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you’ve not been able to post before … I’ve done nothing different and no settings have been changed, so I’m glad it worked this time, but I don’t know why it did!

      Blessings x

      • How strange. I have followed for so long and never managed to comment, I can’t think what I am doing different but am glad that I am finally in touch. I am so glad that you are chicken keeping again after your horrible experience. I am interested in how it goes with the bantams as I have thought they would be nice to have at some stage.
        I had a flock of four but sadly lost one recently so am now down to three and having a problem with feather pulling at the moment which is driving me to distraction! Perhaps you could check in on my blog sometime. Any advice gladly welcomed.

  2. Carol – I read your blog regularly!

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize. How nice. Wish I’d worked the comment sooner. I am so pleased that we have finally made contact. My son put me onto your blog years back when he kept chickens. I have had it bookmarked ever since. I have only had my girls nine months but got loads of information from your experiences and have loved watched your evolving flocks.

  4. I am Steve’s Mum. I used to use “Steve’s Mum” until I had my own chooks then switched to “Chicken Carol”. Steve got me started with my blog as I am not at all technical. It was his chicken keeping experiences, followed by yours, that got me hooked. How did you work out that I was Steve’s Mum? I am about to check out your new lay out and I love your title bar (can’t remember what it’s called) love the moppets all in a row, I noticed one is missing but it must have been tricky trying to get them all in shot. It’s really pretty.

  5. Wow, that was so long ago! I don’t know why I was able to comment, then not, and now can again. When Steve was visiting at Christmas we both tried and couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work. When it asks for my password, I now use my chicken blog password instead of my business password so maybe that has got changed somewhere along the way. I can’t tell you how stupidly pleased I am that we have established this contact after so long.


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