April fool …

… I’d be a fool to be out in the garden building a new run in this cold! It’s dry, and sometimes sunny, but the wind is brisk and it’s perishing out there :o

But I have now decided on the final details (though they may change as construction progresses) and today we purchased the timber –


That’s not all of it, of course … we bought four packs and some loose pieces … rather more expensive than I’d planned because we couldn’t get the dimensions I wanted. Together with the fixings, I’ve now spent about as much as we would have paid for new hens … so these bantams aren’t coming in cheap!

Hopefully though, the new run will be suitable for use with larger hens too, so I can see it being well used over the years. Once it’s built. Which won’t be today. Or even this week … though I might make a start before we go away.

We had our Sunday roast today (Bank Holiday Monday) as we were rather busy yesterday – we had bread and ham for lunch after being at three Easter services in the morning, starting with sunrise at 6:45am :o Anyway, I gave the hens the left over veg (I always over-cater) … but The Moppets didn’t get much of a look in!


They were content to be out on the grass for a while … and completely ignored the cabbage leaves I put out for them. They stayed together in a pack – probably because it’s a defence against the howling gale that’s currently ruffling their feathers :lol:


As soon as they reach the grass they frantically eat as much as they can, but once they’re done, they just sit.




Can anyone tell me – are all bantams as docile as these, or is it just the Pekins?

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  1. We spent so much money on our set up that my husband says the eggs are priceless! Those moppets are just adorable. Do you know how old they are? they look quite young, they are so pretty and look so healthy.

    My girls won’t eat cooked veg. They have always had uncooked veg, then when I tried them with cooked veg they just ignored it!

    • You have to simply front load the cost … so the first egg costs whatever you spent on the coop … then the rest of them are much more reasonable!

      Mine have always eaten cooked veg (they had a little oatmeal mixed in today, which helps) but they won’t touch carrot …

  2. Mine won’t touch carrot either, cooked or uncooked.


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