Building has begun

This morning I constructed the base frame for the Moppet House …



It was bitterly cold working out in the garden … though it was sunny there was a stiff chill breeze that whips up the side of the house. The wood was quite damp, and hard to drill. I broke a drill bit, but fortunately had a spare. I could have carried on, but by the time the base frame was finished, I was cold and I had promised to take the girls out for the day …

When we came home, the postman had been …


I’ve had an Egg Skelter ever since we first had hens … but it doesn’t cope with bantam eggs. There is now an Egg Skelter for small eggs, but I liked the look of the Egg Ramp from Omlet, which will take eggs of all sizes … and especially the bright red – don’t you think it sets off the creamy white eggs well?! :lol:

By this time, the sun had come round and it was much warmer by contrast (though still not into double figures oC), so I organised a self cooking tea (jacket potatoes) and carried on in the garden. This is the incomplete roof frame …


The larger area will have another brace fitted, then be covered in polycarbonate corrugated sheeting for shelter. The smaller area will have a hinged flap for access. I’m still a little undecided as to which direction to attach the sheeting, but it’s not important, it will fit both ways. I added some corner braces for stability – though I had to go and buy a mitre block as I think mine went out when DH tidied the garage a while back. And while working on the roof frame, my electric drill broke – the locking ring came adrift :o So this project is getting more expensive by the day …


I added some corner braces to the base frame, too … might as well get my money’s worth from the purchase!


No work tomorrow as we’re out all day. Hopefully Thursday may see some more progress.

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