Home again …

… and our lovely chicken sitter has been in twice a day for the past week. We’re so grateful to have her :663:

And she’s been needed … not only for egg collection, but she was here at just the right time when the wire panels for the Moppet House were delivered. Sadly it’s been raining, and the wood is too wet to work with. So DH has moved most of it into the garage to dry out, and we’ll use his day off on Friday to try and get it finished.

The Moppets have started to lay in earnest … we had four Moppet eggs today, two ex-batt eggs and a softie. So production is in full swing. Bantam eggs have as large a yolk as a full sized egg, simply less white – which is wonderful for fried eggs … and if you’re careful, you can cook two or three together as one, it’s just a little tricky if you like to turn them over!

I’ve no idea how long they take to boil …


eta – see first comment for the answer!

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  1. Boiling bantam eggs … bring water to the boil and leave the heat on high. Add the eggs to the water (their shells are strong enough not to crack) and immediately start the timer for 3 mins (soft boiled) or 4-6mins (hard boiled). Leave the heat on high until the water comes back to the boil (don’t wait ’til then to start the timer).

    If you want to peel the eggs, steam them! 10 mins in a steamer, drop them in cold water until you can handle them, and the shell should simply peel away.


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