Work in Progress … at last!


We didn’t get started as early as I’d hoped because DH had to go into town, but once we got going, progress was much faster than I was expecting. DH spent the morning cutting wood at my direction, while I drilled holes (the drill still isn’t right :sigh:) and inserted screws.

It worked well leaving DH to do all the cutting, since from time to time it gave me a moment to go indoors and do a few things towards meals.


I’ve been learning to make sour dough bread, for example. But back to the garden …


This is the completed frame, partially painted, finished before tea time!


And this is the frame now upside down in order to complete the painting … it looks blotchy simply because some of the paint is already dry.

Tomorrow, we’ll turn it right side up again. DH will be out for the day, but he has already cut the wood for the two doors – one in the roof and one at the other end panel. I need to put those together, and add a few corner braces from the left over lengths of wood (I’ll have to cut those myself if I’m going to get it finished while he’s out). I can think of one or two more refinements, then I’ll need to paint the additions and we’ll be ready to start pinning the mesh.

In the meanwhile, I’ve not yet had confirmation of our ex-batt collection on Sunday … I think DH would be relieved if it didn’t happen because we are silly busy just now … so we’re flexible.

At least the newbies can go into the Eglu so we can let the paint dry on The Moppet House before we make use of it!

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  1. Lucky little chickadees with their lovely new accommodation, and the humans are not doing too badly with sourdough bread for tea. Kitty also looks well and happy strolling along. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It’s taking shape nicely and the sour dough bread looks great too.


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