It occurred to me overnight (though I slept well last night!) that one reason the bantams may have crowded into the nest box of the Cube is that they may not be comfortable perching on the roost bars because of their feet? I’ve never seen them climb onto a branch in the Hen Run or Garden – although they used the branch I put alongside the ladder to the Cube for access. But they had little choice!

So this morning I removed the roosting bars I made for the hutch. I’ve left them in The Moppet House as a sort of mini ladder against the central roost bar I used to brace the base. And I sat and watched for a while, but none of them made any attempt to perch there or on any of the branches I put in to occupy them. They seem settled, though. At least two of them slept in the nest box, but that’s OK – both the hutch and the nest box are easy to reach and clean via the large door at one end of their run.

Perhaps once the end panel is removed and replaced with another (narrower) door, I might add a ‘proper’ coop to the set up, to give them more housing space. Then we’ll see if they would actually prefer more sleeping accommodation!

But for now, my pocket money is spent.

eta – I had thought that with the bantams moved out, the ex-batts would leave the nest box clean overnight, but no – two of the ex-batts slept in the nest box leaving one on her own on the roost bars. Poor girl – she’ll feel the cold …

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