Singing competition

Meet Betsy, Babs, Bertha and Belle …


… who arrived this afternoon :) They are feisty girls – they’re not at all afraid of me.


They were quite quiet for the first five minutes … apart from one hen who appeared to be purring …

These are caged birds, who’ve never been outside. But it didn’t take long for them to discover that grass is good to eat, even if they haven’t yet recognised the spinach leaves as food.


Nor did it take them long at all to make their presence felt …

and the Moppets responded in kind :o

(You can hear the new girls in the background)

It went on for ages!

This is the third time we’ve had rescue hens from BHWT … so far these appear to be in better condition than on previous occasions. Their combs are less floppy, they are confident around people, and have less feather loss. I’m delighted with them … but I’ve no idea how we’re going to tell them apart yet :lol:

And yes … I do know there are four of them … shhh!

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  1. That is insane and totally hilarious especially the ‘purring’ chicken with the identity crisis! I hope these girls realise they have hit the lottery in being adopted by you.


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