Pest control

The new coop arrived already! I’m very pleased with the service, and with the design … it was very easy to put together. As it’s a wooden coop, I’m paranoid about avoiding red mite, so as soon as I’d completed it I painted it all over the inside with Diatom. I’ve read somewhere about making it into a paste with water and a dash of washing up liquid, so I added the ingredients to a jar and simply shook it to make a paste rather like gloss paint. Easy. It dries to a pale grey so isn’t too unsightly. The other idea I’ve used before is to spray the coop with a household flea spray from time to time, so I’ll do that too!

I’ve still to paint the outside of the coop as weather protection – I have plenty of the green wood stain left, so it will match the Moppet House. I ran out of time today, and I’ve yet to remove the panel of mesh, but I did replace the string stays for the hatch with chain. I think when I put the coop in place, I’ll leave the hutch and nest box in the run for a couple of days for them to get used to it being there. I need to find a way to secure the coop to the run and to close off the gap created by the overhang of the roof …

While I was at the DIY store, I looked around for a solution to the hatch … I found some 6mm external ply which would be ideal. I’m happy with the ragged corrugated polycarbonate for now, but at least I have a solution in mind if it becomes a problem.

You’re probably fed up reading about my efforts at DIY … I’m planning to work on the finishing touches tomorrow, so while I’m in the garden I’ll take some more photos of the B Team and bring you up to date with their progress :)

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  1. Never tire of the DIY, always helpful for us all when trying to improve. I could do with a bit of guiding right now. If you could take a moment to look at my blog, (sorry to ask) but I am at the teetering moment and desperate for help to make a decision. Any input would be so welcomed. I am struggling to get to the right decision.

    I saw your moppets in the flesh today at the farm we visited and they were so cute but I am sticking to my no feathered feet rule. I actually told the farmer lady that I knew a friend with these “moppets” as we call them and said I couldn’t look at them without calling them moppets. I am sure she “quite rightly” thought I was a bit nuts! Chicken madness has it’s hold. I have become a crazy chicken lady! You must shoulder a small part of the blame!

    • What decision do you mean Carol – to have or not to have the bantams? Don’t ask me … we were only ever going to have four hens!

      Do read round the chicken forums etc for ideas how to integrate them … everyone has their own method – if you read them all, you’ll soon know what will work for you 🙂

      Have fun x

  2. That’s what I was going to say. Not tired. Glad to hear how you do pest control.
    Have a blessed weekend! ♥

  3. I was trying to decide if it was the right the thing to do and if so how many? Any way have mulled it over and have made a decision. I have decided to go for the two bantam vorwerks, the lady only had two so I have called her and reserved them. We are going to collect them next Friday and as it’s a bank holiday weekend we will have extra time with them to keep an eye on everything. I am excited and nervous, about to rock the girls world and mine!

    • I really like the look of the Vorwerk … but we’re full with ex-batts and bantams for now. So another time … 😉


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