Final touches

‘Tis done. The Moppet House is finished and the new coop in place. It took a while … having adapted the run to add the door at the far end, I then had to adapt the adaptations to make it fox proof with the coop in place! Fortunately, I had sufficient of everything I needed, wood, mesh etc. So here it is, ta dah!



The woodstain didn’t take very evenly because the timber has been treated, but at least it’s taken the shine off the wood – it did stand out a bit when it was bright orange!



I am really impressed with the design … they’ve thought of everything. I was concerned that the loose floor in the nest box could be dislodged by a fox nosing around, but once the nest box divider is in place and the lid down, you can’t lift the floor up from underneath. There’s a twiddly little fox proof catch on the nest box, too, which is rather fiddly … but we’ll soon get used to it  :rolleyes:

My one remaining concern is that the bantams may choose to sleep in the nest boxes because they don’t want to (or can’t) perch on the roosts … there is no floor to the coop, just the litter tray, so I’ve put some straw there, too, but it’s rather lower than the nest boxes or perches, so I’m not sure where they’ll settle.


For now, I’ve left the hutch and nest box in place, to give them time to get used to the new arrangements. One hen had the courage to investigate while I was still in the garden, but she didn’t stay long.



I sat and watched them for a while … there was quite a drama going on over who had rights to the nest box …


It’s often in use by more than one hen at a time (there was another behind these two … ), but the palest of the Moppets (Amy) is clearly towards the bottom of the pecking order and was being ‘done over’ by another bantam, when all she wanted was peace and quiet to lay an egg :( In the end, I interfered and removed the bossy hen, then sat nearby with a water spray … once she’d been hit a couple of times, she knew to keep away while I was there!

IMG_5980Amy in sole possession of the nest box … for now!


Everyone settled about their business

I promised you some news of the B Team … but I’ll come back to them in my next post. For now, here’s a preview … there is still grass in the run of the Eglu, but I’m not expecting it to last long!



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  1. Loving hearing all about the living arrangements and the characters. You’ve obviously been really industrious in getting everything sorted and in place in such a short space of time. Looking forward to hearing more about the purring chickens too.

  2. The new coop looks really good, can’t wait to see how long it takes to be in full use by the girls. Well done for all your efforts.

  3. The girls are gorgeous and the coop looks great ~ you’ve thought of everything! Well done for giving Amy the chance for a peaceful lay-in, too. I’ve just discovered ‘purring’ chickens for myself, so I’m glad to hear it’s not me or my ears going mad ~ happiness is a purring chicken, apparently!


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