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The peck blocks are made and hanging by the back door … they’re also over a radiator, which dries them out a bit more, making them harder, and longer lasting. If anything, these are a bit overcooked … but I’m still getting used to a new oven, so I’ll remember to turn it down a bit next time! I bake/dry them in silicon muffin moulds, and make the holes with the end of a wooden spoon dipped in water. They simply tip out, so easy :) This recipe takes the adjustment into account …

Mix 2 eggs and 4 tablespoons flour into a smooth paste – it will be quite stiff. I have a 150ml scoop and add one scoop each of layers pellets, mixed corn, porridge oats and ‘no mess’ bird seed … and half a scoop each of sultanas and dried mealworms. You can use anything suitable you have around, but 5 x 150ml scoop is just about right. Make sure it’s well mixed so that everything will stick together, adding a little water if the mixture is too dry. Press into the moulds with a wet spoon, and make a hole through the middle. Bake/dry at 130C (fan oven) for an hour. Tip onto a cooling rack and cool before threading string.

When I collected the eggs this morning, I found these two …


At 84g (almost 3oz  :o ), an average size from our girls, the ex-batt egg is considered ‘very large’ … whereas the bantam egg (at 34g or just over an ounce) doesn’t even register on some classifications and is a size 7 on the old system. Don’t you just love the internet?!   :rolleyes:

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  1. We are collecting our two bantam vorwerks on Thursday and I am so excited. They have just started laying so I should be getting some of these little eggs very soon.

  2. I’m surprised the ex-battery hens passing these big eggs have not swapped purring for yodelling!


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