Final finishing touches

For comparison, here are two of today’s bantam eggs …


… weighing in at 32g and 47g!

I really thought I’d finished The Moppet House … and then I realised I could add just one more access panel, by cutting down an old frame I’d built for something else. It’s the essence of small holding that everything can be reused and recycled. I love making use of the things I find around the place, all the odds and ends of stuff I keep ‘just in case’. I suppose it means I feel justified in hoarding them?


When I’d finished the door, I noticed some slatted panels I’d rescued from an old cold frame/mini greenhouse that someone had passed on to us, that has since been taken apart and is waiting to go to the tip. I didn’t have any fencing left to put an enclosure round The Moppet House, but I did have a couple of off cuts of timber from the cut down frame that I could use … so I put them together, with a length of chicken wire …



It’s not very strong or secure, but it will do as a temporary measure, and will fit either side of The Moppet House in two different positions, so they can have some fresh grass from time to time. It didn’t take them long to find it …


I’ve only just noticed Oscar there in the background!


I’ve now removed the hutch, and repositioned the nest box right by the ramp to the coop … I meant to put a torch in the coop tonight, to help them find their way to bed, but I forgot :blush: I wonder if they’ll all crowd into the nest box?!



They’ll be glad of some peace and quiet for a few days!

eta – I checked just before I went to bed (late) and two Moppets were on the back perch, and two were in the nest box. I assumed that three were in the nest box in the run … but this morning, there are droppings along the length of the rear perch. Did others join them? Or do they shuffle around during the night?!

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