One final video …

… before you get too bored!

I had lifted the blocks away so they could forage for bugs. I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to capture them clearing the stones themselves of a few dozen woodlice … ! Next time, I’ll ask DH to turn the blocks while I film and you’ll see what I mean :D

Watch carefully, and you’ll see Molly giving a peck to Mandy, who then moves out of reach for a short while. The pecking order only needs gentle reinforcement from time to time to keep order in the flock. A little later, if you’re quick, you’ll notice Milly scuttling off with a snail, unnoticed by the others. Molly eventually follows, but doesn’t make a fuss about the snail … which is rather surprising, since as top hen she has rights! I think those two are friends – there’s always an odd one out among three.

All this will have to be renegotiated when the B Team join them … watch this space! Until then, no more videos, I promise!


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