Hen watching

The weather has been dry and warm enough (most days) to spend some time sitting out in the garden just watching.

This is the view that greets me as I come out of the kitchen door …


As you can see, they weren’t too sure about the cabbage leaves from the day before! We’ll be moving them soon, though I haven’t yet worked out how we’re going to manouveur the Eglu through the netting without letting them loose in the garden?


They have been spoilt with a daily bowl of mash (laced with Flubenvet) … it’s a bit of a free for all when I first put it down, and a fair bit of pecking order reinforcement goes on, but they do all eventually manage to join in.


The easiest place to sit and hen watch is around The Moppet House … a quick head count reveals a couple are elsewhere – a bit late in the day. That’s why I remove the eggs, so that the tendency to go broody is broken – it’s worked so far …

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    March 2017 ... All change in the hen garden as the fruit cage run is retired in favour of an electric fence, the veg beds are relocated to put the hens on fresh ground, and the new girls arrive, Dorcas, Delilah and Deanna.

    January 2017 ... Bird flu outbreak and all domestic foul are quarantined until the end of February.

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