Integration – first encounter

When I went out to the hens first thing yesterday … one of the B Team came down the garden to greet me :o DH had gone out the night before to find all the hens in bed already – or so he thought. We’ll have to remember to do a head count before closing up! She was wet but happy (as far as I could tell) :whew:

Yesterday evening I opened the way between the two sets of ex-batts … they’ve only been neighbours for a couple of days, so perhaps it was too soon?

I stopped filming to interfere and break it up … but watching it over in slow motion, one of the battles was already over, Mandy victorious with a mouthful of feathers and her opponent retreating to the safety of the Eglu :( It’s hard to watch, but it will eventually ensure peace and harmony, once order is established.

This is how it’s meant to be …

The new girls retreat when approached by the established brood … and everyone’s happy. It’s not all done and dusted, there will be other attempts to adjust or enforce the pecking order, but they understand each other, even if we find it hard to watch.

One last video, this time with commentary!

Shortly after this, I separated them. Enough is enough. We’ll have another go later today.

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  1. I can only get your middle video to work, don’t know if it’s just me. First one says “unavailable” and third on says”private”

    • Bother – I’ve done it again, I’ll change the settings to make them public! Thanks, Carol. Try again …

  2. I’ve got the third one now thanks, but the first one still says “unavailable”.

    • Well I’m stumped. It’s set as ‘public’ and I can see it even when signed out of WordPress. I wonder what’s going on? 😦


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