Concerned …

Both sets of ex-batts found their way to bed in unfamiliar surroundings last night :) The B Team are still a little confused this morning, trying to escape the Hen Run back to their area of the Hen Garden – they’re probably missing the compost heap etc. But one more day and we’ll put them all together, stand back and see what happens.

My concern is that, when changing nest boxes and litter trays this morning, I found a puddle of blood in the litter tray of the Cube. It probably wasn’t as much as it looked, having been soaked up by the woodshavings, but it was still rather startling. I’ve looked all the B Team hens over and can’t find any evidence of injury or prolapse? Not even a torn nail. Very puzzling and rather worrying. If it should happen again tonight, it will delay integration while I find out what’s going on, but I’m stumped.

Meanwhile, they all seem well, if a little disorientated!

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