I’m rather concerned about one of the bantams. We’ve always assumed she’s rather an elderly hen, since she doesn’t move around much, and keeps herself to herself. But yesterday I noticed the colour of her comb is rather dark – a sign of ill health, usually heart related.


I put them on to some new grass, and while she joined the others, she didn’t really join in …


I think you may noticed the difference in comb colour even from this distance. But while the others were scoffing grass as fast as they could, I noticed her gently and carefully picking out the apple blossom petals instead. While she’s still eating and (I assume) drinking, we’ll leave her be … I hope she is at least comfortable.

Do a quick head count and you’ll notice there’s a bantam missing … here she is …


I turf her out of the nest box several times a day. She doesn’t immediately scuttle back, but settles into a dust bath for a while before taking the time to eat and drink … only, she’s shouting all the time. She can barely stop shouting long enough to eat …

Shortly after this she finally disappeared back into the coop, shouting all the while until she was settled once again!

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  1. What a squawker! I just played the video and my biggest dog went mad and wanted to go up the garden to check on our hens ~ I think she thought it was a distress call! Hope your other bantam colours up soon 🙂


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