The good times

A warm, sunny and almost dry day …


I’m not sure you can make them all out, but there are five, yes five, bantams in the nest boxes … in this heat!

I’ve been keeping the Vicarage Girls in the Hen Run most of the time … not only because we’ve been out, but also to impress on them that the Run is ‘home’. But I had some kitchen peelings for the compost, and it’s been a lovely day, so I let them out onto the grass after lunch …


One of the girls flies over the side of the composter to get there first! I may have to rethink my fencing arrangements …

After the initial rush to get to the best bits, the girls run off to hide their prizes to be eaten in peace, alone. So there’s a lot of coming and going …


Molly wastes a lot of time trying to see what everyone else has found, and chasing them around the Hen Garden if they try to hide a tit-bit from her!


After a while, she is left in sole possession of the composter while the others take their goodies away from her beady gaze …


There are still a few lettuce leaves to be had!

eta – when two of the B Team flew out of the composter to come and greet me I decided enough was enough and clipped their wings!

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    March 2017 ... All change in the hen garden as the fruit cage run is retired in favour of an electric fence, the veg beds are relocated to put the hens on fresh ground, and the new girls arrive, Dorcas, Delilah and Deanna.

    January 2017 ... Bird flu outbreak and all domestic foul are quarantined until the end of February.

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