Just came home from seeing Star Trek – Into Darkness to find the Moppets all unsettled, and a dead bantam in the nest box :(

Not, however, the one I was concerned about (whose comb, sadly, is getting darker). I have no idea why she dropped as she did, it looks as if she simply keeled over. None of the Moppets has left me an egg today … I’m glad they left her alone, but they must be uncomfortable?

Hen keeping is an adventure, and adventures have ups and downs. This is one of the downs :(


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  1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that 😦 you’ve been doing such a great job with your girls too! Big hugs to you and your ruffled ladies, hope they get back into their stride soon.

  2. How awful for you and the little bantam. The other wee souls were obviously a bit traumatised too. Hen keeping seems very labour intensive and the birds seem very vulnerable what with foxes, flock management and regular illnesses. I’m loving following your blog but you’ve certainly opened my eyes to what is involved. I think, for now at least, I’m best as an armchair hen keeper.Hopefully whatever happened is not contagious to the others. Hugs and healing clucks to you and the feathered ones.

  3. What a shock, I am so sorry.


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