Broody Bantams

It seems we may have as many as three broody bantams … still usually all trying to fit together into the one nest box! Egg numbers are, of course, noticeably down. Across the garden path, the Vicarage Girls are settling down together – however, they are still clearly two separate groups of hens who happen to share the same accommodation. Despite their clipped wings, the two B Team girls still fly over the side of the composter to get ahead of the competition :doh: but a few strategically placed dandelion leaves provide enough distraction to give everyone opportunity.

Unless, that is, Oscar decides to interfere …


After their first encounter, the hens soon decide to steer clear. Of course, Oscar doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about …


He only gives up when I call him …


He is a very patient cat :)

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    March 2017 ... All change in the hen garden as the fruit cage run is retired in favour of an electric fence, the veg beds are relocated to put the hens on fresh ground, and the new girls arrive, Dorcas, Delilah and Deanna.

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