New Tricks

Sadly, I may have been mistaken … I think all four Moppets are broody, after all :sigh: I keep chucking them out of the nest box, and I did manage one photo of them all together …


… but the more normal picture just now is …


… and if one of them goes off to lay (and I suspect only one of them is in lay) the other looks very lonely!


I put the rabbit hutch back in the run, to give them a bit more space, but although I put a couple of them in there time after time, they don’t stay put! :doh:

The poorly bantam is still with us …


… slow, but still active. She has just the one companion most of the time …


… but she’s quite shy, so isn’t much company at all, really!

Meanwhile, across the garden path, the Vicarage girls are up to all sorts of tricks …


This one prefers to go over the side of the composter, rather than round the front.

Do you know the scene from Evan Almighty where he’s sitting next to the fish tank? Or how the animals follow him everywhere …


I only have to appear at the back door for them to gather in a bundle in the nearest corner of the Run – and they follow me round the path or up the garden, tripping over themselves to be closest!


A couple of the new girls are growing new feathers, so I think we are going to have to ring them. This is Millie … the hen with no tail. No sign of any new feathers on her! :(

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  1. When I just had the three big girls I used to find that if two of them went into the nest box to lay at the same time (which they would often do) the remaining girl outside didn’t like being on her own and would shout the whole time. This reinforces the reason it’s not good to have a lone girl. Since we have had the two bantys (even though they are separated by chicken wire) the lone girl has stopped shouting while the other two lay. She must feel that she is no longer on her own.

    Changing the subject (can’t help feeling excited) Honey, one of my bantys, laid her first egg today.

  2. I read your blog! So pleased 🙂


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