Leg Rings

First, an egg of the day …



The dimple at the end isn’t cracked … it might have hit another egg as it landed, but the shell is intact :o Here’s another view …


I think this must be our strangest egg so far.

Leg Rings – I managed to find five rings of different colours in the largest size 18mm … I’ve used 16mm before, but they sit quite snug to the leg and I’d rather they were loose. Since there are seven hens, we had to decide which two to leave without a ring, and settled on Molly and Milly – if ever Milly grows a tail we might be in difficulties, but at least we’ll only have to tell the difference between two hens, not seven!

The B Team were easy to pick up and ring … it was Mandy who evaded us the longest … nor did she enjoy being ringed when we caught up with her. Afterwards, she avoided me as much as she could, so it wasn’t easy to get a photo of her with her new adornment, but here she is …



A rather fetching purple ring, don’t you think?!

I didn’t do much better with photographs of the B Team, because they are always crowding around my feet …


… but for the record, Betsy is wearing the red ring, the hen with the green ring is Bertha (I think – she may not be the hen originally given that name :doh: ), the girl with the blue ring is Belle leaving the yellow ring for Babs.









(The only picture of her I managed, today!)

Molly is still the best dressed of the hens …



… while Milly is the member of the A Team who is the least shy around me … and as a result, I have dozens of pictures of her!

May 2013


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