Broody queue for the nest box

Since we’re only currently getting one bantam egg most days (and none the others), today I took decisive action. I put the broody girls in the run and shut the door to the coop …

IMG_6565I had to work out how to reach it, first … hence the blue cord! And then we left them to it. I had previously put the nest box and the hutch/coop back into the run … by the time we came home from church three of the girls had settled into the nest box.

So this afternoon, we removed the hutch/coop, put all the girls back into the run, and kept the main coop door closed. Then everyone stood back to see what would happen … including the cat …

IMG_6573They all had a good feed …

IMG_6597… and a drink …

IMG_6575… and one even took a dust bath …

IMG_6561… and then the problems began. I watched as one bantam struggled to get into the nest box over the high sill.

IMG_6596So DH put a brick down for them to use as a step. Then there isn’t really room inside for four broody bantams … and a queue soon developed …

IMG_6602Eventually, one of them drifted away, and the other two negotiated who would go first … and that seemed to take forever …

IMG_6605But eventually, one  after the other, they scaled the heights, driven ever onwards by their raging hormones …

IMG_6619… to huddle together all bunched up in a hot plastic box when there isn’t even an egg that needs incubating. No wonder ‘bird brain’ is considered an insult!


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  1. bird-brained, but soooo lovable!


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