It’s here!

I really wasn’t expecting my new camera to arrive so soon :D So here are the first few photos of/about the hens to show you …


The new camera has a 10x Optical zoom, so I can take photos of the more flighty bantams from a distance (I don’t use the digital zoom as it’s much like enlarging a picture after it’s been taken so that the quality is rather poor).


The bantams still get themselves in a tizz when we approach them … they don’t rush to see if we have any treats as the ex-batts do. Speaking of which …


When the back door opens, the ex-batts rush to the composter to see what I might be throwing away today … melon skins? Wrinkly tomatoes? Weeds from around the garden?


Milly’s comb is a lovely, bright red, so she is probably one of our layers. 


Even though they are on fresh grass, Milly wants to try the greener grass on the other side of the fence!


Betsy still has the floppiest comb.


Molly making sure no-one has found anything tasty in the composter while she’s been busy on the grass … !

I took some time in the cool of the evening to move the fencing around for the bantams to have some fresh grass, too … this is the patch that they have just vacated. I hope it won’t take too long to revive in this warm weather if I keep it watered.


The ground in the Moppet House is brick hard, so I might try and break it up a little soon.

And just a few of the flowers around the garden, trying out the macro function …

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  1. Fab photos. Call that camera a success!


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