Frustrated …

I’m frustrated by my inability to upload pics from my tablet to the ‘net directly – it should happen with the touch of a button, but I have to send them by email. And I need to try again to write a post with photos on the tablet, too … but for now, I’m happy playing with the new camera and it’s just as easy to upload them to the computer via the SD card as before!


Once again we have four bantams in the nest box … but if I’m right, only two of them are actually broody now! We have had a couple of eggs most days for a week, and on occasion three …


A couple of the Moppets spend most of their time in the run or on the grass (what there is left of it), and they are (finally) learning to come when I appear as I may have corn … but it’s still not the rush of cupboard love I get from the ex-batts!


Milly has had no further episodes of bleeding from her tail, but I’m convinced she loses a few more feathers each day.

We’ve had a heatwave, along with the rest of the country (amazing! And in summer, too!), so the grass in the Hen Garden is not regrowing terribly well. So we’re having to ration their access. I’m trying to leave a decent area for them to forage when we’re away (we have house-sitters coming to stay this holiday – I do hope they know what they are letting themselves in for!).

In the meanwhile, the rest of the garden prospers …



and the cats find ways of keeping cool/comfortable …


Misty is well hidden among the shrubs …


Two story accommodation for felines? No, just a garden chair …



Can anyone tell me if this is simply a ladybird, or is it a harlequin? I suspect it is the invasive species, but while it’s eating the aphids on the runner beans I shall leave it be :(


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    March 2017 ... All change in the hen garden as the fruit cage run is retired in favour of an electric fence, the veg beds are relocated to put the hens on fresh ground, and the new girls arrive, Dorcas, Delilah and Deanna.

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