We have house sitters coming to look after the hens while we’re away this summer …

So it was time to move the Moppet House – that is, to turn it so that there’s more space around it. Until now, we’ve had to negotiate the apple tree, the courgette plants and the bird feeder to get to it!


You can see the bare ground around it, packed hard after several months of being underfoot.


There isn’t really any new ground inside – just a little corner of grass that won’t last long – but we can give them access to a less bare patch now that there is more space between the Moppet House and the surrounding beds.

They are still directly under the apple tree …


… and although the apples are a long way from being ripe, they are beginning to attract the Moppets’ attention …


… but I imagine they must still be rather sour!


The girls seem unphased by the reorientation of their habitat …


… and this morning have carried on much as before. The two broodies soon disappeared into the coop again, but the four remaining hens settled to a spot of dustbathing in the sun.



At least, one settled to dustbathing, while the other took the opportunity to look out for any titbits that were disturbed in the process …



I think this one’s comb is looking rather pale. However, we are regularly now getting three bantam eggs a day, sometimes four … their eggs are so perfect and taste scrummy!

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