That was easy!

Last night, DH had a meeting, and I spent some time with DD1 watching Star Trek DS9 (!) … and we forgot about shutting the hens in for the night until long after dark :o :blush: By the time I went out, the Vicarage Brood had put themselves to bed and I only had to shut the gate to the Hen Run. But the Moppets had been shut out of their coop and so had settled by the ramp.

I lowered the ramp, but in the dark they couldn’t see their way into the coop so I took out a torch and hung it at the back of the coop, but they still didn’t move. So I left them – they are perfectly secure in the Moppet House Run, after all.

This morning … only one bantam has returned to the coop to brood while the rest are happily chuntering around outside!

So they weren’t that committed to another broody period after all :D I shan’t take any chances, and we’ll leave them out for a few more nights yet … and leave the coop closed during the day until there’s some sign they want to lay again – perhaps even an egg in the run?! The weather is rather nice just now, but the evenings are cool, which is probably what did it!

Supper last evening included fried sprats … and we had a few left over. I tried one or two on the Vicarage girls – a great success. Why is it that when there is enough treats to go round, one hen always wants to see what the others have rather than eat the portion put in front of her? It was just like that with our previous brood, too :doh:

When I put one down for the Moppets, they were less than enthusiastic at first. However, after an initial tasting session, they realised that fish is good for hens, after all …


I’m in the process of uploading a video (still trying out different formats to see which works best online) of their chuntering as they share three sprats between the six of them. Very illustrative of the pecking order, as you’ll see!

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