Hens like grass … but as often as I grow it, if I leave them on it for too long it suffers and eventually disappears without trace. So for the past few months, I have fenced off a number of smaller areas in the Hen Garden, to rotate their access and to allow the grass time to recover in between.

But I’d run out of fencing, and the Moppets needed a new patch to forage. So yesterday, with DH’s help to move the climbing frame (see pics!), I opened up part of the Hen Garden into one (so they now have only two separate, but larger pastures), and used the fencing elsewhere for the bantams.


The climbing frame used to be where the Moppet run is now …


It doesn’t appear to bother the Vicarage Girls at all.


The grass was probably rather too long …


Babs taking a break from the excitement, and cooling down with a drink!


Give a hen fresh grass to forage – and they head straight for the grass on the other side of the fence!


Later on, I cut a badly slug damaged cabbage for the Vicarage Girls, and put it in a terracotta plant pot for them …


… but someone is missing. Molly is clearly in some kind of trouble …


She is keeping away from the rough and tumble of fighting for treats and to keep her place a the top of the pecking order. I can’t see any signs of illness, nor does she appear to be moulting, but something is wrong, so we’ll keep a close eye on her.

Five soon became four –


and then three –


But without Molly to back them up, it was the A Team that beat the retreat, leaving the B Team in possession of the prize!

Wonders will never cease!




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