Milly’s turn …

The moult continues … at least I think that’s what’s happening. Having reported here that Molly was clearly under the weather, now it’s Milly’s turn … she’s lively enough to join in the melee for mash, but most of the time is withdrawn and isolated. No obvious health issues that I can see … so I trust that, as with Molly, it will soon pass.


The mash is laced with Flubenvet … I use it regularly twice a year, but this time we had evidence of worms in one hen from the litter tray. It took me a day or two to recognise them, because they were a different colour than I’d seen before – red! At first, I thought it was something they’d eaten …


All the girls are still looking rather scruffy – other than Molly and Bertha, respectively the top and the bottom of the pecking order!


It’s a times like these you can most clearly see the pecking order in action … Betsy was enjoying having a spoonful of mash all to herself, but once Molly came along, Betsy simply pulled back to let Molly eat it instead.


You can see that Milly (you can tell it’s Milly from the tail) is looking well in herself, bright comb, clear eyes. I’m looking forward to see her fully feathered one day, hopefully soon.



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