Wind Egg

A wind egg is a tiny egg, usually without a yolk. They sometimes occur when a pullet first comes into lay, though I’ve never had that – nor all the double yolkers people say new layers lay! No-one really knows why a hen lays such an egg. My only previous experience was with an ex-batt, who laid a small egg with a thin/rubbery shell – see here.

Until yesterday.

We’ve never had any problems with shells from the bantams. They are always strong and smooth, and this was no exception. Here it is with some other eggs for comparison …

IMG_2755-001 - Copy

I don’t know who lays which egg … though I can tell an A Team egg (large and usually wrinkly with a thin-shell) from a B Team egg (smaller, darker, with a good shell). So I’ve no idea which bantam laid this. I nearly missed it, it is so small if it had been anywhere but right in the middle of the nest box I might not have seen it. And it weighs only 7g!! (The A Team egg would weigh more if it had a good shell.)

I haven’t broken it yet to find out what’s inside … but I’ll make sure I have a camera to hand when I do!

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  1. My smallest banty, Amber laid her first two eggs just like that. They had no yolk in them. Her third egg was normal and I have never had any of these tiny eggs since so for her I think it was about getting started. She still lays much less than Honey, my other banty. The little eggs do look cute though!

    • It’s funny – she’s not exactly a young hen!

      /Reader, St Michael & St Barnabas, Devonport /


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