Catching up

A lot has been going on in the HenKeeper Household these past couple of weeks, so there’s plenty to catch up on now I can get back to my desk … I won’t put it all in one post, but here are a few bits and pieces for today.

I managed a quick post about Milly’s tail … but didn’t have a moment to update you on how she has been, since my previous post mentioned I was worried about her. She was apparently poorly for some time, and I expected to have to put her down but held on and held off, each time thinking, ‘I’ll do it tonight if she can’t make it into the Cube.’ But after several days she began to slowly improve, and although she’s still rather slow, she is now eating normally (as far as I can tell). So we’ll continue to watch and wait.

I didn’t, in the end, break the wind egg … instead, I blew it! It wasn’t easy blowing such a small egg,  nor was it easy to wash out afterwards, so we’ll see how long it lasts. But for now, it sits in the egg rack as a reminder and comparison. Even the smallest bantam egg looks large by comparison! And this was what was inside …


A tiny, perfect yolk :o :lol: The white is broken up by the blowing, but the yolk came out intact. Astonishing.

That’s all for now … but there’s more to tell, so watch this space, and as time allows, I’ll post more about the goings on in the Hen Garden.

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