The Moppet House is underneath the apple tree … and they are good sized apples  and plentiful this year (we didn’t have a single apple last year, not one!). The tree provides shade from sun and weather … but the apples have been falling for some weeks and have damaged the corrugated perspex roofing … there are cracks and holes all over :(

We puzzled for a long time as to how to remedy the situation … no point replacing the roofing unless we moved the run, should we remove the remaining perspex and replace it with something else, etc etc. In the end, I bought a clear tarpaulin, and using the staple gun I bought to build the run in the first place, we attached it over the top of the corrugated roofing, using some roof fixings to attach it to the cross beams.

There may be some condensation underneath, although with all the cracks there may be enough ventilation for it not to build up … we’ll see. But for now they are covered and generally dry (although last week’s heavy downpours went straight through the sides :( ) and the tarpaulin itself may provide some cushioning for the perspex that remains.

I had some offcuts from the tarpaulin … so I bought a couple of pieces of timber and made a frame for the top of the composter in the Hen Garden. Again, I stapled the tarpaulin to the frame over a wire mesh that I hoped would stop it puddling (didn’t work, but never mind), and attached it to the composter using bungee cords. So the Vicarage girls now have some additional cover, although I have to remember to go and tip off the water that accumulates when it rains! It’s not so easy to throw stuff in there, however, and it doesn’t help that the ex-batts aren’t always sensible about finding somewhere dry when it’s wet :doh:

I had hoped I could use the remaining strips of tarpaulin to cover a cloche frame I have, for yet more cover for the Vicarage girls, but I don’t have enough … I’m not sure it’s worth buying a whole new tarpaulin just for the cloche, so I’ll keep my eyes open for a suitable alternative. If they’re not going to choose to go in when it’s dry, they need as much cover as they can get …

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