I’ve already made a few adjustments … today I added a hanging feeder.


They’re only crowding around it because I spiked it with corn!


This is our elderly hen (we think) … I thought we’d lose her a while ago, but she’s still hanging on in there, though she’s not now eating much unless it’s put right in front of her. I’m making sure I take out some treats each time I have to go into the greenhouse, to try and make them less nervous. Today it was spaghetti, but she didn’t make much effort to reach it until I put some right by her.


I’m not sure they’ve used the upper perch, though I moved this trough across to help them reach it. Still, they like to be able to get up off the ground. Since being on straw, their feet are so much cleaner!


My next adjustment will be the drinker … I think it’s rather too low. It’s on extendable legs, so tomorrow I’ll raise it another notch. It has to be absolutely level or it spills. In the Moppet House it too was suspended, but I don’t have any more chain for now.


So this is now our view of the Moppets from the kitchen door :)


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