More wind eggs …

We’ve had a few wind eggs recently …


From the left … large, thin-shelled ex-batt, normal ex-batt, bantam, ex-batt wind egg

Unusually, the one I used this weekend had no evidence of a yolk at all … I’d expect a vestige of a yolk. I’ve no idea which of the Vicarage girls has laid them … three of the girls appear to be laying, though one continues to lay only thin shelled eggs. The shell of the wind eggs isn’t strong, and we’ve had no large eggs these past few days, so I can only assume it’s the same hen?

Betsy isn’t laying. She is still not herself … she never recovered from the moult. As long as she is eating and drinking and enjoys treats, we’ll leave her be.

Also unexpectedly, we had a soft-shelled bantam egg a few days ago. I suspect there are three bantams laying occasionally, so I wonder if it was another Moppet coming into lay for the season.

All the hens persist in sleeping in the nest boxes, so we have to change the straw every morning to try and keep the eggs clean. The soft-shelled bantam egg had clearly been trampled during the night!

And in case you’re wondering … I used the wind egg to glaze a loaf! A whole egg is far too much, so a wind egg, though it has no yolk to speak of, is ideal :)

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