The Moppets rearranged

Having rearranged their fencing, this morning I rearranged the Moppets interior …


The two nest boxes (more about them in a moment) are now in the back corner and the shelf rack is inside the door … hopefully that will mean the wire mesh I use as a gate will stop falling over every time we go in!


They were very interested to see what I’d done … you can see one in the background taking a good look at the nest box on the right. Shortly after this, there was an almighty racket when two of them had a fight about who would be first to go inside!

I added a second nest box a few days ago … we had thought one of the Moppets was going broody, so I wanted to create some additional space. It didn’t last more than a day or two, but in the meanwhile they obviously had a conference and made a joint decision to use the second, smaller cat carrier as a nest box and to continue sleeping together in the cat litter tray :D So far they have been scrupulous about keeping the second box clean, which means we get clean eggs even if we’re a little late to muck out in the mornings.

The dog bowl is because it’s worming week … I use Flubenvet, mixed into a wet mash rather than the dry feed as per the instructions. I’m not too fussy about dosage, since you can use up to double the dose if you suspect they may have gape worm, so I’m happy with the method we use. They do love mash :) You need to continue for seven days, so they do get used to having mash each day and come to expect it. As do the Vicarage Girls …

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PS – the Flubenvet link is from this excellent site. Do take a look round.

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