IMG_3563 Woodchip on the drive means digging out the Hen Run of the old, muddy and decaying chippings … which is heavy work when they are wet. Fortunately, a neighbour wanted the manure, so he also helped cart some of it as I raked it out. We had laid some bamboo screening under the last load of woodchip, which made raking parts of the run fairly easy. But the edges had broken up with the hens’ scratching, leaving bits of binding wire and split bamboo all over the run, so it had to go. DH was able to give it some time and between us we finished the job in the one afternoon.

We moved the Vicarage girls to the Moppet House (the Moppets are in the greenhouse) to give us space to work, so rather than let them dig over the bare ground (which they would have loved, but which would only have created more mud than we can handle), we left them there overnight. So next day, still stiff, I set to with the barrow and the shovel and the pile of woodchip. We spread some Stalosan F on the bare ground, before covering it with a deep layer of chippings. I made a start on my own, but once DH joined me it went much faster … though just as he arrived, it began to hail, gently at first but the hail grew larger until it stung as it hit you :o Once it slowed, we carried on until my back was so stiff I could barely move … I went indoors while DH carried on. He finished the job by tea time – I was truly impressed, as I thought it would take a few more hours than that. I had hoped to have time to wash down the shelters and clean out the Cube, but that will have to wait for another day.

We had enough from the load to cover the Hen Garden, too … I have tried to take it back to grass, but it just doesn’t last. Doesn’t the Hen Run look smart? The Vicarage girls think so too … but they’re staying where they are for now!

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