Look who we have in the garden …

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We had opportunity to drive by a poultry farm, so of course, we couldn’t resist calling ahead to see what they had!

We are already getting to know the different characters. I had though Carey might be top hen, as she was so feisty when she was manhandled into the basket, but she and Connie seem to be the timid ones, keeping out of the way when I’m in the run. Charlie, on the other hand, is always near by, not quite under my feet yet, but interested and curious. Camilla is haughty … she has a very upright stance and can make a real fuss, especially when she sees a cat in the garden. And as we have four cats, she can be very strident at times! Clare (who seems to be moulting) was the first to find her way to roost in the Cube as night fell – I had put a torch in the Cube, to draw them in as it fell dark and Clare was very quick to see it. Connie soon followed, then Camilla. But both Carey and Charlie needed some assistance.

The Vicarage girls have been quite anxious to return to the Run, but they were so distracted by the new woodchip, that they paid scant attention to the new arrivals. I’m sure that won’t last long.



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  1. Wow! How exciting. The new arrivals look beautiful. What a lot of hard work with the wood chip but it does look great. I shall be interested to see how integration goes.


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