You can tell a lot from a hen’s comb.


Camilla and Clare have pale, tiny, firm combs. These are immature birds, not yet in lay.


Charlie’s is perhaps a little larger and darker. It’s hard to be sure how much it will yet grow.


Carey is the only one of the Famous Five (yes, that’s what DH has christened them!) who looks as if she might be in lay or will soon start. Her comb is larger and brighter than the others. Perhaps she’s a week or two older?

Even when mature, a hen’s comb will change in size and shape as she goes in and out of lay according to season or health. We knew one of our bantams had heart disease because whenever she became excited/stressed, her comb would turn a dark, dusky pink.

Connie’s comb is different …


Wyandottes generally have a flat, round comb. As she grows, it should become more rose-like. All the Famous Five are classed as ‘heavy, soft-feathered’ birds, but there any likeness ends!

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