IMG_6644This is the continuing story of our adventures keeping hens in our urban back garden.

Hens come and go, but our current hens (as of July 2018) are two Pekin Bantams, who are quite elderly and are together known as The Moppets (we once had seven, but as we could never tell them apart we never bothered with individual names!); Deanna (Blue Maran), Dorcas (Cou-cou Maran) and Delilah (Light Sussex) who arrived in March 2017, known collectively as The Three Amigos (!); and our new arrivals, Emily and Evangeline (Mille Fleur Bantams) and Esther and Elsie (Light Sussex Bantams), who arrived 7th July 2018. 

Keeping hens is always an adventure … I hope you enjoy following our story  🙂

March 25th 2017

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  1. Your hens are lovely! We don’t have many hens left because a fox comes by every so often and takes a hen. We let the hens roam free on the three acres in the woods so we really can’t expect to not have some loss. We need a new batch of chicks. Maybe next year?

    • Hi Calley … I read your blog and it’s lovely to see the hens out and free ranging in such surroundings 🙂

  2. Speaking of hens. Hawaii has “feral chickens” that seem to be everywhere. Don’t know where they originated–it seemed that once having been mentioned in the news, they started populating all parts of the island. Now, they’re smart enough to show up where the food is–even by fast food outlets and near homeless encampments. They like my brother’s house because of the ripe mango that falls from the trees. And such beautiful colors: brown, black, reddish and a handsome blonde. Haven’t heard if people eat them; don’t really want to know either.


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    Our original hen keeping adventure came to an end in January 2013, when a fox took our entire brood of hens. But don’t let that put you off … you can find the story at The Hen House Archive where there are still lots of stories, photos, and information about keeping hens I hope you'll find useful.

    July 2018 … Four new girls arrive, two LS bantams and two Mille Fleur Pekins.

    June 2018 … We had an extended heatwave, with daily temperatures in the 30s.

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