Pecking order established

I’ve not noticed any sparring but it’s clear that the pecking order is being established among the new girls.  It’s a bit like one of those logic puzzles: if A pecks B but not C, and A pecks C but not D, who is top hen?!

I spent some time in the run this afternoon with a pocket full of corn and this is what I observed … Camilla is clearly bottom hen – she stays back, hardly daring to come close even for corn (though I was careful to make sure she had chance by throwing some to her in the corner while the others were busy elsewhere). Charlie is happy to peck corn from my hand. I’ve not seen her peck at any of the others, and for a while she and Carey ate happily side by side. No one tried to join them and Connie had a good hiding from Carey for trying to gate crash the party. Clare pecks at Camilla but is pecked by Connie. Eventually, as the corn ran out,  I noticed Carey give Charlie a hard peck.

So for now, though this might change, the pecking order appears to be Carey as top hen, then Charlie, Connie, Clare (who appears to be the youngest) with Camilla at the bottom.

And we’ve had our first egg! It’s white, so has to be a Sussex, and I’m convinced Clare is too immature so it must belong to Carey. I thought her comb signalled she was ready to lay 🙂

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