Integration … day 1

Hmm … well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!

It’s a lovely, sunny day and DH & I were both in the garden, so we took the opportunity for the Vicarage Girls and the Famous Five to get to know each other a little better. With predictable results …


The story in pictures …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I suspect that, as bottom hen of the Five’s pecking order, Clare intends to dominate the Girls in order to move up the hen hierarchy. Betsy was the first to get involved simply because she’d wandered away from the other Girls … she’s not in good health so is often on her own. I hope integrating the two groups won’t cause her too much stress.

It was a moment’s impulse to swap the broods round … the Five were all in the Moppet House and it was easy to shut them in while herding the Girls into their old home in the Hen Run. Hopefully they will still remember the Cube as home and find their way to roost at dark. I wonder if the Five will discover the coop as easily? I figure it will confuse them all as to territories, and might eventually make integration easier. You can hope, can’t you?!

Tomorrow will be another sunny day, so we’ll open the gate again for a while later in the day. In the meanwhile, the Five are now only contained by a low plastic fence … let’s see if they can really fly 😀

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  1. What a day of excitements. Thank you for the concise photos of the story because the video wouldn’t work for me.

    I have just done my own integrations with two more bantys joining my flock and thankfully it was much easier this time round.

    It is a stressful time but I am sure it will all settle soon. Good luck for tomorrow.

  1. Wings | The Hen Garden

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