Making plans

With the big hens now together in the Hen Run, we have to decide what to do about the bantams. They are currently in the greenhouse,  which is water tight but which will be altogether too warm in sunny weather. Neither the Moppet House nor the wooden coop are truly weather proof, but the only other alternative is the Eglu, which would be too small for five bantams (of which three are now broody – it’s that time of year).


The only realistic location for the Moppet House is our recently flattened area near the back wall which is now down to grass but isn’t yet able to cope with grazing …


(The bare patch is where we removed the raised vegetable bed and it has only just been sown with grass) But I think that is the only practical option … hopefully the wall will provide some protection for the coop, and we can be creative with the fencing to allow some of the new grass to get established.

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    March 2017 ... All change in the hen garden as the fruit cage run is retired in favour of an electric fence, the veg beds are relocated to put the hens on fresh ground, and the new girls arrive, Dorcas, Delilah and Deanna.

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