Still broody?

Does this look like a broody hen to you?


Three days ago, I moved the bantams out of the greenhouse and back into the Moppet House. After the first night, I closed the coop in order to try and bring the three broodies out of their trance-like state … last year, it proved to be the quickest way to shake them out of their hormone induced stupor.

Two of them appear to be sorted … but this one is being quite stubborn. At least, I think she’s still broody – it’s something about the way she spreads herself out to cover as much ground as possible! And the chatter … a broody hen has a very distinct vocabulary 🙂

So I’ll leave them without a nest box for another night … although the Moppet House isn’t water tight, there is space up against the wall that has remained dry during the heavy rain we’ve had on and off this week. They would rather hunker down together in a heap than roost, so I’m content that they’re warm and protected there. And it’s where I will put the plastic nest boxes, once we’ve removed the wooden coop that is no longer serviceable.

There are good reasons to break a brood if you are not going to let them raise chicks, see this post for more details

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