Escaping to the countryside …

Charlie can fly.

A few days ago she escaped into the garden. As I went up the path to the compost bin, she came down the path towards me … so I scooped her up, dropped her back in to the Hen Garden and went on my way. When I went out again into the garden a few moments later with my cuppa, there she was again!

Yesterday, she escaped six times :/ I sat in the garden for a while to see how she was doing it, but she stayed resolutely in the Hen Garden all through my lunch. When I went indoors to make a cup of tea, and came out again … there she was!

So we’ve been watching from the house to see how she’s getting out. No-one else is following her, so it had to be something only she could do … and this morning, DH watched her fly over the fence while he was doing the washing up.

We’ve always known the fence is on the short side for hens, but we’ve never had an issue before. So I cornered her, picked her up and clipped a few flight feathers on one wing before returning her to the others.

Then she did it again! This time she was harder to catch, but in the world of chickens, he who has corn is king … so I caught her again, took rather more feathers out of her wing, put her back, turned my back for a moment, heard flapping, turned round and Clare was in the garden 😛

Enough now!

Once I caught Clare, I dropped her in with the Moppets for a while, before clipping her wing, too. But if that doesn’t stop them, I don’t know what we’ll do … will the others all learn to fly too?!


The path was clean before Charlie started rummaging around in the woodchip!


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