Charlie and the Moppets

Charlie escaped SIX TIMES yesterday … in the end I scooped her up and dropped her in with the Moppets. When I’d done the same with Clare the day before, there had been scuffles and disagreements throughout the brief time she was with them, but Charlie didn’t cause any disturbance at all. Nothing. The Moppets didn’t scold or run and when she walked over to them they let her join in without even a squawk, let alone a peck.

So I left her there. All night.

I went out after dark to check all was well. Charlie had the large plastic nest box to herself and the five bantams were all squeezed into the small one… it was very funny as they didn’t all fit and there were various bits of diminutive hen sticking out all over the place! So while they had tolerated her, they hadn’t really accepted her, and so this morning, DH put her back in with the big girls.

I wonder if she’ll stay there? !

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