Double Yolkers

DD2 had a surprise while baking a cake at the weekend …


… since then, I’ve used at least three eggs with double yolks and I’m certain there are a couple more in the egg rack!

It is said that,

(Double yolkers) are common in young, laying hens, especially from hens that are from highly productive strains. A double yolk egg is formed when two ovulations take place almost at the same time and go down the oviduct together and both get encased in shell. (see here)

I have no way of knowing which hen is laying them … although I am sure they are all from the same hen. They are lightly tinted, not white (so neither of the Sussex hens) but other than that I don’t have a clue … especially since the Maran eggs are light in colour, rather than the dark brown I’d hoped for. I don’t think it’s one of the ex-batts from the shell.

So we may never know, but I do hope they continue for a while yet … as long as they don’t cause their hen any trouble, that is!

Thanks to DD2 for the photo!

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  1. I absolutely adore double yolks as my Mum used to go on about how lucky etc you were to find one. Obviously ours came from the supermarket, and still do. But I can remember finding odd ones and once even a whole box of them and being so excited. Long may they last!


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