After all this time …

We moved the Moppet House today … to fresh grass. In the process, I noticed something I’d not really seen before. We’ve always said that we can’t tell the different bantams apart, except that we’ve been aware that some are darker than others … today while we moved their house, we had them penned in a small space for a while and I realised that actually, we have two very different feather patterns … seen from above, it’s quite obvious:


One variety has very delicately laced feathers, while the other has a single vein down the centre of each feather.


Seeing their photos like this makes it appear very obvious … but it isn’t! They are such flighty creatures. We have three of the laced, and two of the dark.


I’ve not been able to identify the specific breeds as yet, but I’ll keep working on it!


They’ve been with us since March 2013 and I’ve finally discovered a difference between them!

ETA (edited to add, not estimated time of arrival!) … the darker feathering is known as Gold Partridge … but I still can’t identify the paler feathering.

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  1. Wow! Their feather patterns are so beautiful. My two bantam brown leghorns are so similar that it is only their different combs that allows to me tell them apart. Luckily they flop in different directions and one is much more floppy than the other.


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