A Gift of Woodchip

Yesterday, a neighbour brought us three bags of woodchip. He keeps an allotment, and the council sometimes delivers fresh woodchip to the allotments free of charge … since we pay the council £60 a load, I’m really happy to take advantage of the free supply! He’ll bring more when he can. In the meanwhile, we’ve skimmed off the top layer of mud in the run, and put down what we have. The dry summer has meant the previous load lasted well, but since the weather changed, we have been deluged, and this has come at just the right time 🙂

All is well with the hens (no photos today – the light was really poor by the time we went out there this afternoon … but you can take my word for it, they all had a happy time sifting through the fresh topping). Connie is no longer broody … Bertha is rather poorly from time to time but is still active and engaged, so we’ll leave her be for now. The Moppets are as scatty as ever.

Sadly, we had one of our cats put down today … Jenny, the eldest moggy, has been off colour for a while. The vet knew, as soon as we described it, what the problem was – thyroid – but although she was not in any imminent danger, it would have meant daily medication and since Jenny hated to be handled, we decided not to try. Oscar makes an occasional appearance, but I suspect he thinks of us only as one among many staging posts in his territory. Though he does occasionally spend the night on my bed. So ‘The Kittens’ (as they are known … they are now 8 years old!) are our only resident cats. And that’s fine, since there are only two of us living at home now … we still have one each.


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